About us

Our Mission:

We are a young, expert and responsible team who are enthusiasts of updated tourism knowledge, we do our best to provide Online Tourism Services to our Customers, and our mission is to provide quality excellence and a value for your money and a vibrant experience through a true insight into Iranian life style.
We are offer you unique travel packages to suit your budget and choice.
And also second our mission as Expert Travel Agency is to change variety the way you look at us and our Culture.

Who we are:

Leyla Honarmand is the Managing director of GGA (GardeshGarAvaran) Travel & tours Agency. She has the experience of managing and operating inbound tours for more than a decade. She is an English, Italian, German, Chinese speaking tour leader, with B.S. degree in Archaeology. She is from the poem and Literature city, one of the tourism poles in Iran, Shiraz; brought up in a cultured family and beings so closed to magnificent ancient Site of Persepolis .no surprise she has started her career since she was 16. With love and passion for Iran’s culture, Nature and history, now it is almost 17 years that she has been working and developing her career with the purpose of introducing Iran properly in the eyes of the tourists who are eager to come to Iran, and also to prepare a suitable ground for cultural exchanges.
So she believes that “There are certainly many real or perceived hurdles to a trip to Iran. But all who overcome it come back with incomparable impressions of the country, people, history, and culture. "

GGA Travel Projects:

Sometimes things have to end for new ones to arise. It was the same in this case. After working for a number of years as a tour guide for renowned study tour companies, Leyla Honarmand decided to take the talents and fate into his own hands and founded the GGA Travel Agency.
Considering the special position of Iran in terms of Geography, History and Politics in the Middle East as well as the extent of prehistoric, historical and Islamic eras Monuments.  
Also, the interest of foreign researchers in various fields (Archaeology, Ethnicologhy, oriental studies, Linguistics, Islamic Architecture)   has increased before and after the Islamic revolution of Iran.
On the other hand, in recent years, special and critical situations in the Middle East and due to the war in Mesopotamia (present – day Iraq) and Syria many of the unfinished research projects of researchers in those countries caused that due to the high security of Iran, researchers have a special approach to travel and get to know more about Iran.
Therefore, as a specialized travel agency we are ready to provide Quality services by creating specialized travel packages) to our customers and foreign agents collaborations.

Examples of completed projects are:

1.    Archaeological Study Tours:
Prehistoric & Historical Sites of Iran.
Journey from September 14, 2017- September 29, 2017, From North West to South west of Iran
Scientific tour guide: Dr. Sabina Franke
Iran local tour guide: Leyla Honarmand
Organization: Hartmut Niemann, OrientExpress, Göttingen, trip from September 14, 2017 - September 29, 2017
2.    Archaeological Study Tours :
Through mountains, steppes and deserts - to the ancient cultural sites of Iran.
Journey from September 12, 2018- September 27, 2018, From North East to South east of Iran
Scientific tour guide: Dr. Sabina Franke
Iran local tour guide: Leyla Honarmand
Organization: Hartmut Niemann, OrientExpress, Göttingen, trip from September 12, 2018 - September 27, 2018
3.    Student Study Tours From Swisszerland : 
Welcome to the Silk Road project for educational and cultural exchange and get to know Iran more as part of the Silk Road route.
Scientific tour guide: MA Alexandra Bopp Sutter (orientalist)
Iran local tour guide: Leyla Honarmand
Organization: Mrs., Alexandra Bopp Sutter, Bopp Travel, Swisszerland, trip from 06 October, 2018 - October 21, 2018


A trip should be fun, convey joy, mean happiness, broaden your own knowledge and experience, establish and renew friendships - with fellow travelers, with people in the target area, with those responsible for carrying out the tour. Whether approached as an "escape from everyday life", whether out of curiosity, thirst for knowledge or out of boredom: A trip is always aimed at positive, higher goals.
The Travel agency of GGA specializes in special and expert travels in Iran, Asia and Orient, which gives you the lasting impetus and inspiration.
 GGA Travel philosophy "holiday with meaning" stands for sophisticated travel in a big and small groups of nice people, including: Local, family- run and qualified hotels, accompanied by native knowledgeable tour guides.
So this interaction with native population in the destinations that we have, will make a social and environmental sustainability as well as the financial support. These are typical characteristics of a GGA Travel journey.


Sustainable travel, socially responsible tourism and the intensive effort to leave an intact and livable environment for our future generations have a long tradition at GGA Travel .The careful use of the available natural resources and the reduction of the ecological footprint to a minimum have been central components of the company philosophy since GGA Travel  was founded .
We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and will not stop taking further measures that are ecologically important and sensible. Our participation in numerous initiatives and the support of various aid projects also reflect our commitment to the conservation of natural resources and the sustainable development of the destinations we visit.

Why GGA Travel?

GGA Travel – Reason 1: Small groups
GGA Travel – Reason 2: Big groups
GGA Travel – Reason 3: Best Rates – Best Quality
GGA Travel – Reason 4: Our implementation guarantee
GGA Travel – Reason 5: Unique travel experiences
GGA Travel – Reason 6: Selected Best accommodation & Tour Guides

GGA Travel – Reason 1: Small groups

Maximum 12 guests create a good group and usually no more than 16 ones, is perfect. We believe that, this way of traveling can make a unique travel experience. We respect our guests and travel in a great vibe of friendliness one of the benefits of small tours is that your tour guide has more time for you and the itinerary can be more flexible.

GGA Travel – Reason 2: Big groups

Maximum 25 guests traveling and usually no more than 30 ones, create a big group. One thing to consider as an advantage is that in big groups the whole price of tour will cut down, so financially it’s a good thing. There are many other advantages in travelling with big groups, another one is the opportunity to meet more people with the same interest and taste as you.

GGA Travel – Reason 3: Best Rates – Best Quality

All trips are handmade with great attention to detail. Out of alots of hotels we are searching for the cleanest and prettiest accommodations for you. We offer you the best price-performance ratio you can find. Despite the better travel experience, what you will have through our small and big groups, we offer the same or better prices than our competitors. And all of this we guarantee!

GGA Travel – Reason 4: Our implementation guarantee

Only in GGA Travels you can find all kind of tour packages (short or long distance) with guarantee, starting from 2 guests to higher numbers. Only GGA Travel Agency in Iran has such tour packages which are mostly conducted with guarantee. This warranty works like this: before we cancel, we would rather to pay back the price to you and make sure you will stay satisfied. And on the other hand, because almost all groups are fully booked, it wouldn’t be a disadvantage for us too. In addition, we offer full transparency; the guarantee tours and packages are available on our site: www.irantours.travel Ready to book.

GGA Travel – Reason 5: Unique travel experiences:

The special feature of GGA Travel trips are the unique travel experiences: interacting with native people. What makes people to move? What makes people to travel? Where we have something in common and where we differ?  Mostly, we build tour packages as you wish and there are some kinds of ready-made Classic packages too.

GGA Travel – Reason 6: Selected Best accommodation & Tour Guides:

We are eagerly working with much love and effort to prepare the best tours and services for you, our dear guests. We are continuously searching for suitable hotels and professional tour guides for your vacation. Out of hundreds of hotels and tour guides who we have interaction with, there are some dear coworkers agree with us and joined to the group for performing the travel ideas. In choosing the hotels, we consider the fair and suitable price as well as high standards of cleanness and good environment. As we said before, we choose GGA Travel tour guides with high precision as they are the souls of each tour. Our kind and knowledgeable guides who are only in a few number, have the high standards of being great tour leaders. They make your journey an unforgettable one, which tempt you to rethink for coming back again. This one we can guarantee with our hearts.

too. In addition, we offer full transparency; the guarantee tours and packages are available on our site: www.irantours.travel Ready to book.

The Team:

A good 10 employees are employed in the office headquarters in in Tehran with the planning, processing and implementation of the extensive travel program. We feel privileged because we have to convey to our customers pretty much the most beautiful thing that life has to offer people: traveling to "distant worlds". We are a company with no formal hierarchies. Our relationship with the GGA travel clientele is open and cordial. Most of the GGA travel friends are just as enthusiastic about travel, free of prejudice, and tolerant as we are.
We strive to take our service, which we provide, seriously in its two parts - “serve” and “provide”. Our motto, with all permitted irony: The impossible will be done immediately, miracles take a little longer!
too. In addition, we offer full transparency; the guarantee tours and packages are available on our site: www.irantours.travel Ready to book.


GGA Travel experiences should be special. Our experts make a GGA trip invaluable. Not only through their individual charisma, but also with their knowledge, their in-depth knowledge and Personal sympathy for the respective destination.

1.    Leyla Honarmand

With studies in the field of archeology, archaeological excavations in the ancient hills of Iran. Iran ology, and translator and operator of specialized tours of archeology, anthropology and Nomads, Also expert in the Silk Road direction in Iran.

2.    Hediyeh Sheikh Taheri

With Studies in the field of German language Teaching, German speaking tour guide, translator, consultant travel between Iran and Germany. Specialist for inbound tours marketing development in Iran. Manager of German department. 

3.     Ala Taheri

With Studies in the field of English translator, tour guide, specialist for inbound tours marketing development in Iran and Manager of English department.

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